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FretBox: India’s Best Hostel management solution

FretBox: The Ultimate Proptech Solution for Hostel Management

Managing a hostel comes with numerous challenges, from ensuring security and efficient communication to handling fund collection and assistance for residents. FretBox, a highly scalable Proptech solution, addresses these issues and more, making it an indispensable tool for university hostels, service apartments, and other institutional accommodations. This blog explores how FretBox transforms hostel management by improving productivity, enhancing security, and facilitating digital transformation.

FretBox: Transforming Hostel Management

Key Benefits of FretBox

FretBox is designed to optimize every aspect of hostel management. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • 70% Improvement in Team Productivity: Automate repetitive tasks and streamline operations to boost productivity.
  • 100% Digital Transformation: Go paperless with FretBox’s comprehensive digital solutions.
  • 50% Enhancement in Campus Security: Advanced security features ensure a safer environment for residents.
  • 99.99% Assistance Efficiency: Ensure timely assistance and support with automated processes.

How FretBox Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Get Started

Creating an account on FretBox is quick and easy. Simply sign up and get approved by the tech support team to begin your digital transformation journey.

Step 2: Configure Property Infrastructure

Set up your community buildings, residences, and map unit types. This step ensures that the property infrastructure is accurately represented in the system.

Step 3: Create Users

Create accounts for wardens, security personnel, managers, and other required users based on their roles. This role-based access ensures that everyone has the tools they need to perform their tasks efficiently.

Step 4: Onboard Residents

Ask your residents to download the FretBox resident app. This completes the digital onboarding process and enables 100% digital interaction between management and residents.

Comprehensive Roles Managed by FretBox

FretBox covers various aspects of hostel management through dedicated roles:

Help Desk

FretBox provides a smart help desk that automates follow-ups and updates, ensuring that all resident issues are addressed promptly.

Community Manager

The community manager role allows for efficient management of resident interactions, events, and overall community engagement.

Facility Manager

Manage all facilities-related tasks, from maintenance to resource allocation, ensuring a well-maintained living environment for residents.


Conduct regular surveys and assessments to ensure that the hostel meets all required standards and to gather resident feedback for continuous improvement.

Security Desk

Monitor and manage campus security with real-time updates and alerts, ensuring the safety of all residents.


Handle all financial aspects, from rent collection to expense tracking, with ease using FretBox’s comprehensive accounting features.

Essential Features of FretBox

Complaints Management

FretBox offers a robust complaints management system that ensures all grievances are received, assigned, and resolved efficiently.

24/7 Collection of Rent and Charges

Automate rent and charge collection with round-the-clock payment processing, reducing the administrative burden on staff.

Effective Management of Resident Leaves

Track and manage resident leaves seamlessly, ensuring that all leave requests are processed and approved in a timely manner.

Real-Time Status of Student In/Out

Monitor the entry and exit of residents in real-time, enhancing security and providing accurate occupancy data.

Parcel Management

FretBox simplifies parcel management by notifying residents of package arrivals and ensuring secure storage until collection.

Digital Access to KYC Documents

Maintain and access KYC documents digitally, ensuring secure and organized resident records.

Night Patrolling Monitoring

Enhance security by monitoring night patrolling activities, ensuring that all areas are regularly checked and reported.


Share updates and announcements instantly with the digital noticeboard, ensuring that all residents are informed promptly.

Collection of Suggestions and Feedback

Encourage residents to provide feedback and suggestions, helping to improve services and address concerns proactively.

Important Contacts

Maintain a directory of important contacts, ensuring that residents and staff can quickly access necessary information.

Mess Schedule and Report

Manage mess schedules and generate reports to ensure efficient meal planning and reduce food wastage.

FretBox for Everyone

FretBox caters to various stakeholders within the hostel ecosystem, ensuring that each user’s needs are met efficiently.


For vice-chancellors, deans, and directors, FretBox provides a comprehensive overview of hostel operations, enabling data-driven decision-making.


Wardens can manage daily activities, monitor resident behavior, and ensure that all policies are enforced effectively.


Security personnel benefit from real-time updates and alerts, enhancing their ability to maintain a safe environment.


Students enjoy a seamless living experience with easy access to services, digital communication, and efficient issue resolution.

Staff Members

Housekeeping and maintenance staff can manage their tasks efficiently, ensuring that the hostel remains clean and well-maintained.

Innovating Every Day

FretBox is committed to continuous innovation to make life easier for its users. Customer service and delight are at the core of FretBox’s values, ensuring that every feature and update is designed with user feedback and satisfaction in mind.

Leadership Team

The leadership team at FretBox brings a wealth of experience and expertise, driving the company’s mission to revolutionize hostel management.

  • Ashish Gupta – Founder & CEO: With over 13 years of experience in delivering complex IT projects, Ashish leads the team with a vision for digital transformation.
  • Bishnu Sahoo – Co-Founder & CTO: Bishnu brings technical expertise, ensuring that FretBox remains at the forefront of Proptech innovation.
  • Pranjul Gupta – Co-Founder & Managing Director: Pranjul focuses on branding and team empowerment, driving the company’s growth and success.
  • Sidharth Kaul – Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer: Sidharth oversees operations, ensuring that FretBox delivers on its promises.
  • CA Ujjawal Modi – Finance & Compliances: Ujjawal ensures that all financial and compliance aspects are handled meticulously.

Contact FretBox

For more information or to get started with FretBox, reach out to us at:

  • Corporate Address: JSS Academy of Technical Education, C-20/1, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Registered Address: 471 Girraj Traders, Main Road Raksa, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, 284419
  • Phone: +91 7881110070
  • Email: /

Addressing Common Hostel Management Challenges

FretBox is designed to tackle the most common challenges faced in hostel management:

Managing Tenant Problems

With FretBox’s smart help desk, managing tenant problems becomes straightforward. The system automates follow-ups and updates, ensuring that no issue goes unresolved.

Readable Visitor Registers

FretBox’s integrated gate management system ensures that all visitor information is recorded accurately and is easily accessible.

Digital Rent Receipts

Create and send digital rent receipts with just a few clicks, making it easier to manage payments and keep track of financial records.

Efficient Group Notifications

Notify all residents with just a few clicks, and track who has read the notifications, ensuring effective communication.

Organized and Productive Management

FretBox helps you organize and monitor daily tasks and activities efficiently, with alerts for tasks that are not executed.

Real-Time Occupancy Tracking

Keep track of hostel occupancy and available seats in real-time, making it easier to manage room allocations and vacancies.

Advanced Features for Seamless Hostel Management

Fund Collection

FretBox’s automated bill generation and reminders ensure timely rent collection and reduce the administrative burden.


The digital noticeboard allows for instant sharing of updates and announcements, ensuring that all residents are informed promptly.

Resident Database

Maintain a structured and secure resident database, ensuring that all information is organized and easily accessible.


Enhance security with real-time entry and exit logs, alerts for overstayed visitors, and daily reports on resident movements.

Emergency Alerts

Residents can raise emergency requests with a tap, and security personnel receive instant notifications, ensuring a quick response.

Complaints Management

FretBox’s complaints management system ensures confidential receipt and resolution of grievances, with automated assignment and status updates.

Guard Instant Calling

In-app instant calling allows for quick communication with guards, with call records and intercommunication features ensuring efficient security management.

Visitor Management

Get notified of visitor arrivals, manage parcel drops, and maintain comprehensive visitor reports, enhancing overall security and convenience.

Virtual Manager

Access FretBox’s exclusive professional services on demand, ensuring that you have expert support whenever needed.


FretBox is more than just a property management solution; it’s a transformative tool that addresses the unique challenges of hostel management. By automating operations, enhancing security, and facilitating digital transformation, FretBox ensures that administrators, wardens, security personnel, and residents all benefit from a seamless and efficient living experience.

For a comprehensive solution to your hostel’s management needs, embrace FretBox and experience the future of Proptech. Whether you’re looking to improve productivity, enhance security, or ensure timely assistance, FretBox has you covered.

Visit FretBox today to learn more and get started on your digital transformation journey.

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