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Zolo Coliving | India’s Premier Coliving Spaces

Zolo Coliving: Experience Vibrant Community Living Across India

Welcome to Zolo Coliving: Your Gateway to Vibrant Community Living

Discover the vibrant world of Zolo Coliving, where comfort meets community across multiple cities in India. With fully furnished homes, loaded amenities, app-based convenience, and a vibrant community, Zolo offers a unique living experience that’s easy on your pocket and mind. Let’s delve deeper into the world of Zolo Coliving and why it’s India’s most celebrated coliving space.

Cities of Zolo

Zolo Coliving is present in several dynamic cities across India, each offering a unique blend of culture, opportunities, and experiences:

  • Bangalore: A picturesque city known for its IT hubs and vibrant lifestyle.
  • Chennai: A melting pot of flavors and aromas, reflecting rich South Indian heritage.
  • Coimbatore: A vibrant tapestry of cultures, known for its industrial and educational hubs.
  • Pune: A picturesque city with a blend of modernity and historical charm.
  • Hyderabad: A city known for its rich history, delicious cuisine, and bustling markets.
  • Noida: A picturesque city in the Delhi NCR region, offering a blend of urban and suburban living.
  • Delhi: A vibrant city with a rich history, diverse culture, and bustling urban life.
  • Mumbai: A picturesque city known for its Bollywood charm, vibrant nightlife, and coastal beauty.
  • Gurugram: A vibrant tapestry of cultures, known for its corporate hubs and modern lifestyle.

Zolo’s Unique Features

Easy on the Pocket, Easy on the Mind

  • Fully Furnished Homes: Zolo offers fully furnished homes, ensuring comfort and convenience from day one.
  • Loaded Amenities: Enjoy a range of amenities including app-based search, WhatsApp support, video tours, zero brokerage, and a one-month deposit policy.
  • Perfect for Working, More for Unwinding: Zolo provides thoughtful facilities, app-based issue resolution, 24×7 assistance, and zero brokerage for a hassle-free living experience.

Join & Vibe with a Vibrant Community

  • Choose Your Coliving Mates: Select your coliving mates and enjoy a vibrant community living experience.
  • Social Calendar: Zolo offers a rich social calendar with events, celebrations, pop-ups, networking opportunities, and collaboration spaces.
  • Get Mentored: Benefit from mentorship opportunities within the Zolo community for personal and professional growth.

Zolo’s Celebrated Spaces

  • 50k+ Delighted Customers: Zolo has delighted over 50,000 customers with its exceptional coliving spaces.
  • 450+ Zolo Habitats: Explore over 450 Zolo habitats across 10 cities and counting.
  • Let’s Make Memories: Join Zolo and create unforgettable memories in a vibrant community.

Contact Zolo

Address: No. 1190, 22nd Cross, HSR Layout, Sector 3, Bangalore, Karnataka, India – 560102

How Zolo Works

  1. Browse: Explore 450+ Zolo properties across 10 cities.
  2. Reserve: Secure a bed by paying a small token amount.
  3. Confirm: Receive confirmation 3 days prior to your check-in.
  4. Enjoy: Give an OTP to our property manager and immerse yourself in the Zolo life.

Whether you’re a professional seeking convenience, a student looking for a vibrant community, or someone who values comfort and hassle-free living, Zolo Coliving offers the perfect blend of amenities, community, and convenience. Join Zolo today and embark on a journey of vibrant community living across India!

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